Cashing-in Bonus Bonds

The Bonus Bonds Scheme is now in wind-up. No further redemption requests are being accepted. Valid redemption requests received by us before 9pm on 31 October 2020 will continue to be processed and paid.

We are confident that bondholders remaining in the scheme when we commenced winding up will receive a share of reserves over and above their original investment. While the process to confirm the final amount that each bondholder is entitled to is complicated and may take twelve months or more, we expect to distribute a large portion of what each bondholder is entitled to sooner than this.

If this happens bondholders will receive their total distributions in more than one payment. To pay out to bondholders we will need a NZ bank account and up to date contact details, but there’s nothing that bondholders currently need to do. We’ll be in contact by letter or email or through further advertising if there’s anything required of you.

Overseas Customers:

If you have access to MyBonusBonds you can update your contact details online. We will be in contact with you to request your bank account details when we are accepting both New Zealand and overseas bank account details. In the meantime we recommend you check we have your current email and residential address – select the ‘My Details’ tab to review and update this information.

If you do not have MyBonusBonds you can update your email and residential address by completing the Bondholder Information Update form and mailing it to the Bonus Bonds Centre, along with certified copies of identification.

The address to send all correspondence to is:

Bonus Bonds Centre
Freepost Bonus Bonds
P.O. Box 898
Dunedin 9054
New Zealand