Winners from our 13 October draw

Christchurch Bond unit no. 24985 100550
Auckland Bond unit no. 25292 996715
Auckland Bond unit no. 26575 344446

And 10,945 more...

The mix of prizes in a month may vary. The mix of major prizes will include no less than one $1 MILLION prize, one $100,000 prize and one $50,000 prize.

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Timeline for Bonus Bonds wind up

25 August 2020

Decision by ANZIS Board to close scheme to new investment (effective from 7pm) and statement of their intention to wind up the scheme by the end of October 2020

26 August 2020

Event disclosure statement published on Disclose and media announcement about the proposed changes

30 September 2020

Financial statements and annual report published for year ending 31 March 2020

1 October 2020

Intended final prize draw held

13 October 2020

Intended final prize draw announcement

By the end of October 2020

Last opportunity to cash-in/redeem Bonus Bonds before the intended wind up commencement