Latest Winning Numbers

Results are announced on the second Tuesday of every month, and prize-winning numbers are published here.

Winners from our 9 December draw 536

Wairarapa Bond no. 19649 213230
Hawkes Bay Bond no. 03747 109451
Wairarapa Bond no. 13141 383812

The mix of prizes in a month may vary. The mix of major prizes will include no less than one $1 MILLION prize, one $100,000 prize and one $50,000 prize.

Plus there were...

  • 39 prizes of $5,000
  • 44 prizes of $500
  • 250 prizes of $100
  • 4,000 prizes of $50
  • 175,416 prizes of $20

This month Bonus Bonds paid out a total of $5,100,320 in 179,752 prizes.

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Next draw published here 13 January 2015

How will I know if I've won a prize?

MyBonusBonds allows you to manage your Bonus Bonds online, so if you use MyBonusBonds you'll get an email to let you know you've won a prize. Otherwise a letter will be sent to your mailing address notifying you of your prize and method of payment.

Checking your Bonus Bonds

If you have some old Bonus Bonds and you want to check whether they've won a prize, contact us or ask at any ANZ branch - remember to take your bondholder number with you.

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